Starting in the fall 2022 semester, the Department is introducing a series of new courses that will expand student’s area of concentration options and support the department’s mission of providing access to a robust and forward-looking curriculum.

Sports Journalism Area of Concentration

The Sports Journalism Area of Concentration (AOC) was launched during the Fall 2021 semester. Students pursuing this AOC will now be able to enroll in the following courses to satisfy their requirements:

  • MMC 3113 Sports Journalism in Contemporary Society – An introductory course designed to enhance student’s understanding of current trends in sports journalism and the role it plays in contemporary society.
  • JOU 3313 Multiplatform Sports Reporting – Offers an in-depth exploration of sports writing as a fundamental tool for print, digital, broadcasting, and immersive media outlets.
  • MMC 3451 Sports Information Research and Data – Provides an in-depth exploration of advanced statistical analytics pivotal in developing meaningful sports journalism in today’s new media world.
  • RTV 3503 Sports Broadcasting and Performance – This course will help students develop an understanding and perspective of the sports broadcasting industry, including play-by-play, anchoring, reporting, writing, and other essential elements.


Spanish-Language Media Area of Concentration


The new course lineup also includes the addition of the first course in the Spanish-Language Reporting Area of Concentration. JOU 4951 Spanish Media Writing will guide students in the methods and styles of reporting and writing in Spanish for digital and broadcast Hispanic media. It will prepare students to write and produce news stories for the South Florida Media Network. This area of concentration was designed for students with an interest in the Hispanic-speaking media market so crucial within the geographic location of the FIU Journalism + Media program. For interested students, the Spanish-Language Reporting AOC also facilitates graduate level studies in the Spanish-Language Journalism Master’s program via the 4+1 pathway.

Immersive Media

“Metaverse” is a new term that most students are familiar with. Broadly speaking, it includes areas like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D worlds and other forms of immersive media. We have a new class for students interested in the Metaverse: Fall B Special Topics: MMC 4936 The Metaverse. Students  who wish to enter the world of Virtual Reality, learn about using 3D environments in filmmaking, as well as the social implications of the Metaverse, this course will introduce the expressive qualities and career opportunities within immersive media. Students will work on interdisciplinary art projects, 3D assets, and create immersive environments.

Offered at the Biscayne Bay campus, this course will be taught in the iSTAR Immersive Studio for Altered Reality by Carlos Fueyo, creative director of Playard Studios, a VFX studio based in Miami, and Virtual Production Creative Director at Eyeline Studios (Scanline VFX). Professor Fueyo has over 15 years of experience working on film, commercials, game cinematics, and dark rides. His film credits include Aquaman (2022), Avengers: Age of Ultron, Super8, Priest and Independence Day, among others.

Students interested in film may also consider registering for TPP 3265 Intro to Acting and Directing for TV/Film, taught this semester on the BBC Campus by Professor Phillip Church of the Department of Theatre. Beginning in Fall 2023, the Department plans to offer an Area of Concentration in Digital Cinema, and this course would fulfill one of those requirements.

Students can begin seeing these classes added to the course offerings as early as fall 2022.