Laura Kurtzberg

Clinical Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Digital Multi Media
Laura J. Kurtzberg is a news applications developer and data visualization specialist with a particular interest in environmental science and ecology communication. Laura has worked at the intersection of cartography, data journalism, and design with organizations like InfoAmazonia, Ambiental Media, WLRN Public Media, and Univision.

She earned her MFA in Interactive Media from the University of Miami, where for her thesis she designed a web app to help people take care of their houseplants through a data visualization interface connected to live updates from physical sensors in plants. In 2017, she was a Fellow at the Salzburg Media Academy of Social Change.

Laura also holds a BA in Information Science from the University of Arizona, where she remembers her first forays into research with groups at Biosphere2 (the space colony training ground featured in 'Spaceship Earth') and The Santa Fe Institute (a complexity science incubator and Cormac McCarthy's favorite place to hang out).

In her free time, Laura enjoys reading fiction, trying to learn how to play the lever harp, and capoeira!