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Judith Villiers
Manager, Academic Services

Zero Credit Internship

Some employers require that you do an internship only if you are registered in a for-credit course, while others will offer paid internships without the course registration requirement. If you are looking to secure a paid internship where the employer does not require you to register in a for-credit course, then Zero-credit internships may be a way for you to gain hands-on job experience, without having to take on additional credit hours or tuition expense.  Students required to be course registered by their employer may also elect to sign up for a 1-, 2-, or 3-credit internship course option.

To learn more about zero and variable credit internships and whether you are eligible to participate in these, contact the internship coordinator, Lilliam Martinez-Bustos, at

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the credit arrangement you made with the employer, all students must be registered into an internship course, even when it is a zero-credit internship.